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  • Sell digital downloads like e-Books, audio tracks, multimedia and software

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  • Sell personalized & customized items asking shopper to answer a question

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eCommerce plug-in type: Interactive Price Tag


This eCommerce plug-in is called the Interactive Price Tag. It is a great option when your product has variable features that your customer can select, such as color and size.

The Interactive Price Tag is fully customizable. The buyer choice menus and price can be changed or removed. The button and the look and feel of the tag itself can be customized. The price can be displayed in any currency you or the customer selects.

If you're product is customizable, the customer will be prompted to provide their personalisation instructions at the checkout stage.

All these elements are edited in your ShopIntegrator Admin console and are immediately applied to your live website.

eCommerce plug-in type: Interactive Table of Products

The Interactive Table of Products displays a list of products in the same category and is a great way to use just one eCommerce plug-in to sell multiple products.

The eCommerce buttons and the look and feel of the table are fully customizable and the price can be displayed in any currency you or the customer prefers.

To customise or add and remove products from the list, you simply make the required changes in your Shopintegrator Admin Console and they take effect on your live website with immediate effect.

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